Funky Homo sapiens™ is a label, run by Saia Ikävalko, a Finnish born milliner and fashion designer. Funky Homo sapiens™ mixes recycled childhood memories into jewellery, as well as Victorian vibes into contemporary clothing.

“Less is Bore” declares Funky Homo sapiens™, the label producing a various range of quirky and colourful products for a man, woman or child!

Each Funky Homo sapiens™ product is handmade, unique, and cruelty free! All of the materials are re- or upcycled, or fully natural, and completely vegan. ♥

Funky Homo sapiens™ retailers

– Nooran Putiikki, Tallipiha, Tampere (
– Ruffle Army (

Jewellery ♥

Funky Homo sapiens™ jewellery is re- or upcycled, completely vegan, and they’re often made from wood, acrylic, plastic, or lego blocks – old toys and such are treasures! The findings in every piece of jewellery are professional quality, 925 Sterling silver plated; 100% nickel free, and therefore hypoallergenic.

Saia has been making jewellery professionally since 2003, and there hasn’t been even one return, so Funky Homo sapiens™ can comfortably sit behind the quality of the findings. ♥

Collars ♥

Funky Homo sapiens™ dog collars are always safe and professionally handmade from upcycled, vegan materials, and prioritise the safety of your pet (while making them look adorable). ♥ All the materials used are always listed on the product’s page, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting!

Each collar is made with care, and unique in appearance. They come in a variety of sizes and patterns, so you can find the best style for you!

Vinttipiste ♥

Vinttipiste™ is a lovely dog coat brand founded by Petra Flythström.

Petra hurt her back, and in 2020, when sitting by the sewing machine got impossibly painful, she announced that her workshop would be closing its doors permanently.

People had requested for dog jackets from Funky Homo sapiens™ since 2006, and even though I’m a clothing designer, the pressure to create a perfect formula and pattern was crushing. Well, Petra had that perfect pattern, and I had always thought it was absolutely lovely.

Through a series of happy coincidences, Funky Homo sapiens™ gets to continue Petra’s beautiful story, and Vinttipiste™ stays in business. ♥

Fabrics available here! ♥
S stands for softshell. Choose one pattern and two unicolours!

Funky Bambies ♥

Every Funky Homo sapiens™ Funky Bambi is OOAK (One Of A Kind). ♥

It’s not a toy, per se; it was originally designed for adults! Still, many of them have found their new homes with i.e newborns.

Even though the Funky Bambies are carefully and well made, they still sport several hundred hand stitches, and it’s recommended to for example place them to sit on a shelf as a guardian. They’ll keep you safe from all harm! ♥

They measure approximately A4-sized; 30cm x 20cm.

The top and the belly fabric are all 100% cotton. The filling is PET plastic, recycled from plastic bottles unsuitable for traditional recycling, and is indeed hypoallergenic and fireproof (still, don’t go setting your house on fire). ♥ The eyes are safety eyes with sturdy metal washers. The fabric surrounding the eye is faux leather and hand-stitched, making each Funky Bambi 100% vegan.

The product is handmade by me at my studio, in Southern Finland. Designed 2006 by me (Funky Homo sapiens™), at my studio, back then in London, UK. ♥